Details about Kola Seve - Swamy Koragajja Aadisthala, Kuthar

Koragathaniya Daiva has received seven Aadisthalas as a gracious gift from Panjandaya Daiva. Koragathaniya Daiva has been accepting kolas offered by its devotees without the use of lights and lamps in six of the seven Aadisthalas and blessing the devotees from time immemorial. Apart from these 7 Aadisthalas, Koragathaniya Daiva does not have any other Aadisthala. There is no entry for women from evening 6.30 to morning 6.30 in these 7 Aadisthalas. Clicking photos and video recording is strictly prohibited in all the Aadisthalas.
Planning to Book Kola Seve
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Planning Your Visit
Swamy Koragajja Aadisthala Kuthar is located near Mangalore, making it accessible for travelers. If you’re seeking a unique spiritual experience, this destination is a must-visit. However, it’s recommended to dress modestly and be aware of local customs.
Unveiling the Legacy
Swamy Koragajja Aadisthala Kuthar is a place steeped in tradition and faith. It’s a reminder that spirituality can manifest in diverse forms, offering solace and strength to believers. So, embark on this unique pilgrimage and discover the magic of Swamy Koragajja!
Swamy Koragajja Kuthar Mangalore