Which is the root place of Swamy Koragajja?

The Aadisthala of Swamy Koragajja is Kuthar, Deralakatte, Mangalore. He is worshipped in 7 sthala’s which are mentioned below.

Story behind the root place of Swamy Koragajja

Sri Panjandaya and Banta Daivas appeared in the form of a bell (Gante) in the forest known as ‘Ukkuruda Gudde’. After a period of time, they settled in Bhandarabail. The Arasu Daivas of Udyavara Mada, with the intention of expanding their territory, settled in the designated royal space (Arasu Katte) at Kuthar. There ensued a battle between Panjandaya, Banta Daivas and the Arasu Daivas of Udyavara Mada. The battle raged for 7 days and 7 nights, but the victor could not be decided. The powerful Koragathaniya Daiva who had disappeared, offered a stick (pole of strychnos tree) as offering to Sri Somanatha, the Supreme God of Principalities of 9 Maganes and came to Udipu Kallu. There he saw Panjandaya and Banta Daiva sitting in distress. Koragathaniya Daiva offered a stick (dante) to Panjandaya and Banta Daiva, enquiring if he could be of any help. Panjandaya and Banta Daivas explain the invasion of Arasu Daivas. Koragathaniya Daiva asks what he will be granted if he ousts Arasu Daivas from their territory. In turn, Panjandaya Daiva asks Koragathaniya Daiva what guarantee he has to believe that he can do this task which was impossible for them. As a reply to this, Koragathaniya Daiva reveals his real form (Virata Roopa). On seeing this, Panjandaya and Banta Daivas feel assured of his capabilities. Panjandaya and Banta Daiva said “If you are able to oust the Arasu Daivas from our territory, I will offer you food cooked in village (Bailud Atil) and Narthana Seve in forest (Kaadud Mechi) and will give you seven primordial places (Aadisthalas). In those places, I will give you the powers to fulfill the wishes of your devotees who conduct services to you in darkness, without the use of fire or light (thoothudar).

Having got this assurance, Koragathaniya Daiva proceeded to Kuthar Guthu house and with his powers, created a brown skinned cow (Gendhe Kabulthi). He killed the cow, cut its leg and hid it inside his head cover (Muttale). He went to the Arasu Daivas who were sitting in the Arasu Katte and told them “you should return to your original place as per the religious norms. If you do not, I will chase you by throwing this leg of sacred cow on you. The Arasu Daivas who observed strict moral practices, looking at the leg of the sacred cow, returned back to their native place Udyavara Mada. Panjandaya Daiva gave Koragathaniya, the promised seven villages (Aadisthalas). In the seven Aadisthalas given to Koragajja, seven siris used to be the Primordial Daivas. Hence they were provided with alternate lands. Therefore, while conducting Kola (Narthana Seve) to Koragathaniya Daiva, the primary submission service is done to these daivas. The siris are also called as eight spirits (Enma Mande Pidayiyayinakulu) or Merer Daivas (they are: two elder brothers, two younger brothers, one sister bride (Akka Madimal), Guliga, Sunnalayi and Pili Bhootha).