Who is Swamy Koragajja?

Koragathaniya’s father’s name is ‘Varavana Odi’ and mother’s name is ‘Korapolu Maire’. When Koragathaniya was just 30 days old, his mother passed away. Thereafter even his father passed away and Koragathaniya became an orphan. Koragathaniya left his home Javanda Male, in the midnight and reached Bolungari. Sitting on the sand in Bolungari, he offered daddalkai (fruit of a tree called daddal in Tulu) and sand, instead of coconut and rice to god and prayed facing east. Just then a lady by the name Myrakke Baidyethi appeared before him. Looking at Koragathaniya’s helpless situation, her heart melted, she took him home and took care of him like her son. Under Myrakke Baidyethi’s shelter, Koragathaniya grew up in Ensuru Barike (place). He weaved 1000 baskets and offered it to temple to fulfill his parents’ vow. Later, his foster mother Myrakke Baidyethi expressed her wish to offer 7 loads of thiri baare bonda (tender leaves of coconut tree, banana plant and tender coconut) to Maada Maisandaya Daivasthana. Koragathaniya carried 7 loads of offerings by himself to the Daivasthana. Koragathaniya was refused entry into the Daivasthana. Enraged by this, Koragathaniya lowered the loads outside the Daivasthana and walked towards the Daivasthana. There he saw a citron fruit bearing tree leaning towards the Gopura of the temple. When he was about to pluck the fruit for his mother, 7 year old Koragathaniya disappeared from that place.